Kobani Crisis & Airstrikes in Syria

Update on the Conflict in Iraq

Joel Wing comes back on the show to discuss recent developments in Iraq. We talked about IS executions, Iraq's economic problems, Kurdish and Iraqi forces ability to work together, shelling of civilian areas, and more.

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Libyan Crisis Deteriorating

Mary Fitzgerald comes on the show to discuss the ongoing turmoil in Libya. We discussed the current status of the Libyan government, the variety of groups and individuals involved in the conflict, and the role of tribes in Libya.

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Jabhat al-Nusra & the Conflict in Syria

HRW Report on Rab'a Massacre

Fadi Al-Qadi, director of advocacy and communication in the Middle East and North Africa for Human Rights Watch, comes on the show to discuss HRW's latest report on the killings of protestors in Egypt.

Gaza Conflict & Negotiations

Hussein Ibish comes on the show to discuss the recent conflict in Gaza, Hamas' relationship with the Palestinian Authority, and ongoing negotiations to end the conflict.

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Can Jihadi Groups Govern?

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross comes back on the show to discuss jihadist groups' ability to govern territory they control.

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Iraqi Security Forces

Nathaniel Rabkin, the managing editor of Inside Iraqi Politics, comes on the show to discuss the Iraqi Security Forces. We discussed major problems that they face, such as corruption and the lack of strategic skills, as well detailed information about the fall of Mosul and what could potentially be done to improve the ISF.

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Caliphate Declaration: Risks, Rewards & Reactions

Thomas Hegghammer comes back on the show to discuss the ISIS caliphate declaration, including the risks and rewards of the declaration, and the reactions thus far from the jihadi community.

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