Iraqi Security Forces

Nathaniel Rabkin, the managing editor of Inside Iraqi Politics, comes on the show to discuss the Iraqi Security Forces. We discussed major problems that they face, such as corruption and the lack of strategic skills, as well detailed information about the fall of Mosul and what could potentially be done to improve the ISF.

Caliphate Declaration: Risks, Rewards & Reactions

Thomas Hegghammer comes back on the show to discuss the ISIS caliphate declaration, including the risks and rewards of the declaration, and the reactions thus far from the jihadi community. - information about the new site and the Kickstarter campaign to support it.
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Intro to Iraqi Politics

Kirk Sowell comes on the show to discuss the Iraqi political system, its major parties and blocs, Maliki's tenure as PM, potential PM candidates, and more.

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Gulf Donors to Jihadi Groups

ISIS & the Developing Situation in Iraq

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi comes on the show to discuss the recent operations by ISIS in Iraq, other insurgent groups affecting the situation on the ground, and the interactions between the various Jihadi groups.

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Iraq's Election & Budget Problems